We the organization and the people behind it

Diesel engine and their transmission spares

Diesel Engine Clutches, Diesel Engine as used in piling and construction work, Diesel Engine for Gen-Sets, Obsolete/Redundant Diesel Engine Spares, Brake Liners, Pillow Block, Pedestal Bearings, VBelts, Bearing, Fasteners (nuts and bolts-UNF, METRIC, BSW Series).
Speciality in Ruston and Hornsby Engine Spares, total spares of YDA-MK1, MK2, MK3, as used in Civil Construction for piling.

The organisation

A1 Diesel Trading Company is an Organisation which comes foremost to one’s mind in the market, for the rescue of Diesel Engines and its, Transmission, supporting with exacting Spares, bringing back to life Stalled, Shelved, Stagnated Diesel Engine and Transmission assets . We are in the Spares replacement market of East /South /West, Coastal India and Central India. The company has over a period of 20 years developed practical Diesel Engine, Transmissions and it’s in tandem ancillary Spares, in service of Diesel Engines and Gearboxes. Due to non-availability of Spares from OEM, and the fast International technical redundancy and obsolesce, the Company with technical backing from experienced Engineers who designed, and drew up standards making spares viable to the required specification and performance.

Area of sales operation

The Company and its Associates have met requirements of Middle East, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Australia and South America. We exist as a Company because of the trust of our Customers have had in us continuously over the years. There is a fine recall and reference of repeated Orders from Domestic and International Markets.


The manufacturing unit

Most of the spares are manufactured on adaptable machines vis-a-vis modern designs. A sampling test is done on the manufacture, prior to packing inspection of the Spares is done to ensure perfect replacement fit and operating ease of the Spare in conjunct with the mother equipment. Our modern metallurgical inputs have only brought in more efficiency while supporting age old designs and yesteryears technology. Our popularity in Engine and Transmission Spares has made us more popular and are a name to be reckoned with in the market.

Quality assurance

We strive hard to ensure Quality, meeting the purchasers or customers exacting requirements.

Our specialities: Products and Services.

A1 Diesel Trading Company specialises in Ruston and Hornsby, total spares of YDA-MK1, MK2, MK3 used in Construction Companies for Piling, Brake Liners, Pillow Block Pedestal Bearing, V Belts, Bearings, Connecting Rod Bearings, Nut Bolts.

We Solicit

A1 Diesel Trading Company solicits purchase inquiries from perspective buyers of Diesel Engine, Transmission and Ancillary Spares. We assure you that our international rates will meet your economics for FOB, CIF rates. We will support our price list advice on request.