Commercial terms:

  1. Our Bankers Statement: all transaction will be in USD purchaser orders placed orders to be issued will be wide UPC500 through on LC opened on our bankers HDFC Bank.
  2. Quotations: All our quotations will be based on the contracted price. Materials will be exclusively be dispatch on CIF basis. On your enquiry we will submit to you our performa & the range of products we will be able to supply.
  3. Packaging: all our packing will be Marin worthy packaging
  4. Pre consignment: Inspection of goods by third party can be arranged.

Special Services

We offer special service in the repairs & maintenance in used engine. We are in position to send our technicians abroad under year contract full filling the repair and maintenance services as proscribed our assessment and valuation can be stated learning from you on specific requirement.

We have carried such maintenance & repairs work in Bangladesh, Shri-lanka, Fiji & middle east.

Specific Services

We offer our services specific to your requirement in scouting old used diesel engine as well as diesel generator sets.

We request you to kindly fill the below stated from in order register your enquiry for further reference in establishing your credentials with us the stated information will not be disclosed to any other mailing list.

Enquiry Form

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